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DALIcontrol Support

Our aim is to provide you with every available resource to help you make the best use of DALIcontrol products.

Design & Specification

If you have a building that requires a new lighting control system or need to write a specification for a project DALIcontrol can assist with the process. We have sample schematic and wiring diagrams as well as written specification clauses. The specification is written with the aim of providing a lighting control system that truly complies with the DALI international standard. If you would like more information regarding design and specifications please contact us with your details and requirements or follow this link.


Tendering for projects can be a time consuming process and can be fraught with pitfalls. DALIcontrol offers assistance to electrical contractors that are new to DALI lighting control systems. If you would like assistance with a tender simply contact us with your details and any relevant documentation.


Often the technologies used in the computer and engineering world are confusing. To help address this we have set up a Technologies section that goes some way to demystifying some of the terms and acronyms. Click here to learn more about Digital Addressable Lighting Interface (DALI), and other terms and technologies.

Custom Solutions

Do you have an unusual control scenario?

Our team would be pleased to discuss your requirements and develop a custom solution tailored to your needs.

Just contact us with your requirements and your contact details.