Dali Control - Distributed Control, Local Intelligence


DALIcontrol is dedicated to providing industry standard, technologically superior intelligent controllers and software.

Our aim is to develop quality building management and lighting control products that help you complete your projects faster, easier and better.

Every project undertaken by DALIcontrol is tackled with the following goals:

  • To Deliver Quality Solutions
    We are committed to understanding our client's needs and delivering solutions to the client's satisfaction.

  • To Use Industry Standards
    To use proven design engineering techniques and international standards to produce quality controllers, applications and components.

  • To Provide Scalability
    To provide an expandable framework that can grow as our client's needs and networks grow. We provide structured, maintainable solutions that can be easily expanded.

Custom Solutions

Do you have an unusual control scenario?

Our team would be pleased to discuss your requirements and develop a custom solution tailored to your needs.

Just contact us with your requirements and your contact details.