Home-Owners: Why Insist on a C-Bus Approved Installer?

Peace of Mind

Extended Warranty

  • Having your home installation approved will double the warranty of any product installed

Know what they're doing

  • Because they do it all the time, they have a better knowledge of C-Bus

Back up of Clipsal

  • We train them, we accredit them, so we stand behind them

Value for Money

Get the most out of the system

  • Make the most of your investment by maximising the features and performance during the installation and programming

Designed for YOUR lifestyle

  • Ask the right questions to ensure your C-Bus system is designed to suit your lifestyle and needs

The latest and greatest

  • Because they work closely with Clipsal, they are up to date with the latest products and features

Brochure Download

Make the most of your investment with a C-Bus Approved Installer. Download our brochure in PDF format.