Builders: Why use a C-Bus Approved Installer?

Peace of Mind

No delays, no worries

  • Because they work with C-Bus all the time, there is no "fumbling" their way through the process which can delay settlements.

Extended Warranty

  • Details on double manufacturer's warranty if site is registered.

Back up of Clipsal

  • We train them, we accredit them, so we stand behind them

Value for Money

More than just an expensive dimmer

  • Home owners are looking for wow factor in their homes, so a C-Bus Approved Installer ensures amazing results.

Designed for YOUR lifestyle

  • A C-Bus Approved Installer allows you to customise each home for the owners, without variances.

The latest and greatest

  • Because they work closely with Clipsal, they are up to date with the latest products and features, giving you the edge over other builders.

Brochure Download

Making sure that your contractor is a C-Bus Approved Installer is the best way to ensure your total peace of mind. Download our brochure in PDF format.